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Codes of Conduct


No member of Warpath can arrange sponsorship. All sponsorship is directed through this website and accounted for by the Warpath Committee.

Due to the nature of the internet and its all encompassment, sometimes the wrong people approach Warpath. Warpath reserve the right to refuse sponsorship monies paid or before payment to decline the offer of sponsorship. This would occur when the organisation, business or individual fails to meet our Codes of Conduct.

Codes of Conduct
There are a number of industries that whilst not been offensive to all of our members can be seen as unsavoury to some. Gambling and Adult websites whilst not universally rejected, do run the risk of members refusing to agree to sponsorship for personal or religious beliefs.

Spamming, Phishing, spoof sites. Any sponsor that is involved in activities of a detrimental nature to the internet and electronic mail can be refused sponsorship or have the sponsorship canceled.

Cancellation of sponsorship for reasons of not meeting with the criteria set down here would be immediate. Monies for the remainder of the period of sponsorship would be refunded.