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Joining Warpath

You can join Warpath if you have a website that is non commercial in nature, receives traffic, is over three years old and has unique and interesting content. Joining Warpath is free

We have criteria for joining as Warpath funds are extremely limited.

Non Commercial: Individuals wishing to join Warpath can 'buy and sell for profit' on their website, but not at the expense of the website's informational content. However If a website is owned by a defined business (ie Ltd or Plc) then membership is excluded, unless the business can show just cause, that it does not have the means to support the website.

Unique and interesting content: A website must be regularly updated and clearly either expert or simply very enthusiastic around its subject. Unique and interesting is defined by the Warpath Committee.

Location: UK only

If you think you would like to join and want to help the internet keep your website and that of other alive then please contact Warpath. Whilst we cannot always guarantee funding we can guarantee support and advice.

NB. Joining Warpath is free