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Sponsoring a Warpath website
Be recognized for supporting UK websites

Warpath websites are on the whole non commercial in nature. The websites are often topical or information based. All of the domains have been in existence for over FIVE years and enjoy a degree or popularity in terms of traffic and recognition in terms of Google, often awarded a PAGERANK of four to seven.

By sponsoring a Warpath website you are contributing to the future of the internet and the continuation of these websites that would otherwise cease to exist. Through sponsorship, you can be involved in the website. Your options on content and direction would be noted and taken into consideration. You can submit images, articles and film to the site. Participation in the running of these website is a bonus and not obligatory.

Sponsorship can be designed to meet your organization's needs. When you sponsor on of our websites, we will display the logo your company provides. The logo can link to a URL that you specify, driving users to your site.

Rates vary depending on website sponsored. see costs

The duration of sponsorship is one year, with options to renew. see Commitment

Example Sponsorship:

London Olympics 2015

Sponsorship is a company's logo and a few words beneath linking to the sponsors website. Should the sponsor want to add the Warpath "proud sponsor logo" to their website they will be able to after sponsorship payment. This is not compulsory.

Proud Sponsor Logo

Proud Sponsor Logo

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